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The exquisite combination of bone and resin which is handcrafted in fine designed  beauties. Displays a unique character and timeless appeal.

As  these  are handmade some imperfections might be present. 

The authenticity of the inlay art, be it bone, Mother of Pearl or metal is a prized possession and a timeless collection.

The camel and buffalo bones used in the bone inlay furniture are ethically sourced and used for animals who have died from natural causes. There is no animal cruelty at all.

Prices are in SGD and excludes shipping and delivery charges which will be mentioned at the ordering time.

  Payment : A non.refundable deposit of 35% required at the time of order .

and 65% is due 8 x weeks before scheduled delivery.

Shipping and Delivery Charges are to be incurred by the customer.

Time : Total time taken from placing a order with us, manufacturing  time  and delivery can be any time from 10 to 12 weeks.

Custom clearance and handling might take an extra week before finally arriving to customer's desired destination.


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