Welcome into a world of Finesse, Sophistication and  A Rich Heritage Collection at Kesar Bai Joshi Pte. Ltd. 

 Manufacturers of Bespoke High End Furniture in Silver, German Silver, Bone and Mother of Pearl Inlay, Brass, Copper and Agate Furniture.

 beautiful Glass Inlay ( Thikri ) work and other Handicraft goods from Rajasthan, India.

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Our range of fine decor includes items such as designer vases to bigger case goods such as designer mirrors, dining and lounge suites. The style can be either contemporary or traditional but the aim is to add sophistication and elegance to any setting whether it be a home or a five star hotel. 


We have had a very strong response to our products from the US, Europe and Australia and are looking to expand into the Asian market. Perhaps the most sought after feature of our service is the ability to tailor make products to the client's individual requirements.