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Brass Inlayed Chest 

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 Modern Twist in Bone Furniture

 An Opulent Traditional Bedroom   


Bone inlay is a unique and an intricate art of using crushed bones of camels and buffaloes, which have died of natural causes. This art work comes from beautiful city of Udaipur in  Rajasthan. Every piece is handmade and very delicately  crafted in a breathtaking art of fine work and intricacy

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Bone and Mother of Pearl  Inlay has been an age old tradition in the state of Rajasthan . The meticulous and astonishing patterns are all hand crafted      by our artisans ,-a step by step process to create a mesmerising decor- be it  Trays, Coasters, Boxes, chairs, consoles, chest of drawers and even a entire Bed set and Dining sets. . 

All the bone and mother of pearl are sourced from ethical suppliers. The wood used is Premium Teakwood which is naturally resistant to pests like termites.


Our  Bone  Inlay items are both traditional Beauty as well as contemporary. Geometric patterns, Fish scales, zebra lined , Chevron and many more 

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